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Executive Buyer Questionnaire

  1. Which, if any, of the following geographical features you are seeking for your executive home (Please select the most important aspect)?
    Please specify:
  2. Of the ranges given below, approximately how many square feet fit your needs?
  3. Given the list below, what are the number of bedrooms you prefer?
  4. Given the list below, what are the number of bathrooms is your preference?
  5. Which type of executive home listed below most closely matches what are you seeking?
    Please specify:
  6. Which executive style home appeals to you?
    Please specify:
  7. Please rate the importance of each feature that you would like your executive home
    1 - Important             5 - being very important 1 2 3 4 5
    Entertainment area
    Family room
    Open feeling
    Family neighborhood
    Single storey
    Double storey
    Formal dining room
    Close to schools
    Close to work
    Walk in closet space
    Modern kitchen
    Large yard
    Lots of trees and flower beds
    BBQ area
    Home office
    Multiple car garage
    Separate guess house
    Gated, fenced, secure
    Formal entrance
    Outdoor children’s play area
    Fully furnished/ready to move in
    Other (please specify)
  8. What price range do you want to remain within?
  9. How soon do you need to find and purchase your new executive home?
  10. Are you seeking to sell your current home?
  11. Do you require any of the following services:
    Yes No Don't Know
    Mortgage Provider
    Home Inspector
    Moving company
  12. How did you find out about Valma Budgell?
    Please specify: