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Executive Homes

Tailored strategies designed for superior returns on your investment

We specialize in executive homes. That focus ensures we are up to speed on all the multifaceted details of buying and selling higher-end homes in this market.

To aid in this process, we provide services specifically to help you in the executive home purchase process. For example, the property listings section includes videos of higher-end homes so you can get a feel for the aesthetics and scope of the home and its potential to support your lifestyle. Our listings come with measured floor plans so you not only know the size of each room but where they are in relation to each other. We also provide you with ability to save your searches or to forward the information to a friend or spouse. These tools help you make more informed selections so your time is never wasted viewing homes that do not meet your expectations.

We also have a short online questionnaire specifically designed to capture key aspects of the executive home that best suits you. Our agents are able to use this information to fine-tune the search process so you can find that perfect home more efficiently.

For our clients selling their executive homes, we have our Masters Marketing Plan that was developed based on our experiences of selling higher end homes. This innovative approach helps speed up the sales process by using proven and effective marketing techniques.

To make life even easier for you, we have an established network of trusted service providers for you to chose from including mortgage specialists, lawyers, home inspectors, moving companies, etc...

We can also appreciate that you are extremely busy but want to stay on top of the status of your real estate process. We provide constant communication through our client management system software that helps us ensure you receive regular updates. If you are selling your home, you will be able to log into a secure section of our site to see a schedule of showings of your home and the feedback gathered from any previous showings.

If you are unsure if you are ready to buy or sell, you can still sign-up to receive pertinent information on the local real estate market. This includes information on homes that match a buyer’s search requirements or insight for sellers into the local market prices and demand.