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With Valma Budgell

We are always seeking associates at Valma Budgell. We specialize in executive home buyers and sellers and first time home buyers. 

We approach these two market segments with specialised expertise and tools that aid in the real estate process. Many of our marketing tactics are unique to this market place and include such elements as Hollywood style videos for our high-end homes. A network of service providers including mortgage specialists, lawyers, home inspectors, and moving companies make life easier for our clients. 

We also offer referral initiatives and property listing search tools and have our very own Master’s Marketing program. While these tactics have been successful, we are constantly looking for new ways and individuals to contribute to our slogan of “a smarter way”.

If you feel you want to practice real estate in a smarter way, we want to hear from you. Please send your resume and cover letter to: valmabudgell@smarterway.ca